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No cuenta con la suficiente reputación aún como para ser reconocida, Muestra un protocolo de funcionamiento algo complejo, Definitivamente no es una moneda para novatos




Excelente tiempo de procesamiento de las operaciones realizadas, Cuenta con un buen equipo de atención al cliente, Si sabes utilizar correctamente sus características te puedes beneficiar mucho.

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Introduction to the decentralized platform

Bluzelle is a platform for data storage and is specially designed to provide a totally decentralized internet service or help. The service offered here promises to provide high reliability, enterprise level scalability and high performance speeds as well as giving its users the ability to manage their ZBL token or cryptocurrency.

The main objective or objective of the Bluzelle token and platform is to solve the problem of storage and data management identified by the team itself while building digital applications for large companies. Bluzelle is a decentralized and scalable database service. They say that their services are very important since without a decentralized database platform such as Bluzelle, the decentralized Internet would encounter barriers to be scalable and operate with less efficiency.

Technology and protocols implemented in this platform

The new processes to follow of the blockchain for the launching of diverse decentralized applications is practically beginning to emerge in the world of cryptocurrencies and be used in the digital market of the whole world, radically changing the way or way in which products and services work directly affected by these. The scales at which applications have the potential to operate are limited only by the capacity and processing power and also the speed of the protocols on which the affected applications are based.


BluZelle work team and their professional record

Founder and CEO, Pavel Bains, has 15 years of experience in operational management and digital technology. He is the former CEO of Storypanda, a digital book company he founded. Having faced and overcome the challenges of raising VC, establishing a new technology company and launching Bluzelle's previous dApps

Co-founder and CTO, Neeraj Murarka, has been a computer engineer for more than 20 years with a specialization in digital finance and computer systems architecture. Systems analyst Nitin Cunha has a blockchain development experience with Bluezelle's previous dApp projects, plus 20 years in the technology industry.


Methodology applied in the Bluzelle system

The Bluzelle ecosystem has two main movements: The so-called producers and consumers. Consumers spend their Bluzelle token (BLZ) so they can store and retrieve data. The producers then place a proportional share of BLZ, to guarantee their level of service, and then provide the requested resources to the network. The network encourages competition among producers: a higher quality service can charge more BLZ (and must also have a greater participation).

The entire protocol used during this process significantly reduces costs, increases scalability and eliminates the complexity of existing database systems in the platform previously. Reduced costs and scalability through decentralization make Bluzelle a very attractive platform for all those associations that, regardless of whether they are large, small or medium, can enjoy the service offered without presenting any setbacks.


Main features of bluzelle

  • Very good speed of information processing: Bluzelle gives and brings a clear focus to offer the necessary speeds to obtain a high performance. To provide these speeds, Bluzelle has the need to dynamically modify the number and location of nodes that work in a special way merging consumer data to meet and meet the required performance requirements.
  • With a total capitalization of the market of $ 60 million and a distribution of tokens of 33% for investors, the Bluzelle ICO gets a decent score. Even so, we must bear in mind that between 40% and 60% of the ICO was collected in a private presale and the range of discounts ranges between 20% and 30%, which could lower the price when BLZ manages to establish itself in more global markets.
  • Very reliable and secure: Bluzelle stores small data in nodes around the world, eliminating any point of failure that causes significant risk to your client.
Pros & Cons
  • Excelente tiempo de procesamiento de las operaciones realizadas
  • Cuenta con un buen equipo de atención al cliente
  • Si sabes utilizar correctamente sus características te puedes beneficiar mucho.
  • No cuenta con la suficiente reputación aún como para ser reconocida
  • Muestra un protocolo de funcionamiento algo complejo
  • Definitivamente no es una moneda para novatos
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