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You probably think it was made in China, right? No. It was not created in China. Chinacoin is a cryptocurrency that was derived from Litecoin. It uses script as its work test scheme, which is based on passwords. This is generated in blocks of 60 seconds, with 88 coins per block. This makes the reward for Chinacoin block to be attractively potential for miners.

Another good thing about this digital currency is that potential miners have the option to exploit it on their own or join a mining group. Now let's talk briefly about two options and benefits offered.

If your choice is to undermine the CNC (the Chinacoin currency abbreviation), Solo, you will not have to worry much about profits. This is because CNC uses a script algorithm to extract new currencies. To begin with, it will never be an expensive and extremely capable mining hardware to exploit it. Remember that it was based on Litecoin, so you are guaranteed that you can automatically use common CPUs and GPUs for the extraction of a new CNC.

The cryptocurrency also has a CNC coin calculator for miners with which you can calculate your profits. You can decide to calculate your expected earnings by hour, day, week, month or even annually.

If you decide to join a mining group to obtain new CNC coins, do not forget to consult some factors such as group commissions and other requirements. The good thing about CNC group mining is that you get a fair payment every time a member finds a block. Even if you win little, consistency is present every time your group discovers a block.

But, how is it possible to calculate the "expected" gains when mining has not started properly? The key is to observe details such as the difficulty of mining, the rate of change, energy costs, the hash rate (power of mining), block rewards, hardware costs and possible group rates. These will give you an idea of ​​how much you can earn when extracting CNC coins within a time frame.


  1. Easy to mine - Only the first 10 blocks were previously mined, offering many opportunities for the miners to win.
  2. Easy to use - This is due to its great resemblance to Litecoin


  1. How to extract coins from CNC is easier when extracted with a mining group, some mining groups charge high fees for membership.
  2. It is not very popular, since some do not accept it easily as a means of transaction.
  3. Some governments have limited people to use it by banning use in some countries (mainly in developing countries).
  4. High risk: - Many considered the CNC as a high risk currency because information is scarce, even its own website is not accessible.

How to buy:

Además de extraer esta moneda como forma de tenerla, también puede comprarla a potenciales vendedores o desde un sitio web de intercambio.

La forma más fácil de comprar CNC es haciendo primero la compra de una moneda digital muy común, como Bitcoin o Litecoin, y luego buscar un sitio de intercambio adecuado como BTER o Novaexchange, donde se puede cambiar por monedas CNC.

Otra forma de es ir a cualquier plataforma de negociación y buscar a aquellos que la intercambian, y luego comprarla a ellos. Una ventaja de esto es que puede terminar comprándolos por menos, ya que la mayoría de los vendedores en esta plataforma están buscando cobrar sus monedas, y pueden estar desesperados.

Todo esto se dice con el conocimiento de que ya usted tiene una billetera de monedas CNC donde las guardará después de adquirirlas.


Before mining or doing CNC trading, it is important to first have your own CHNCoin wallet (another term for Chinacoin). You can download it for free from the CHNCoin or GitHub forum. Once you have your own Wallet, you can fill it instantly with free coins, taking advantage of the CHNCoin faucet available online.

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